ADRR District 9220-Chetan Gukhool, aspiring, perspiring and inspiring!

A few weeks ago, our Director of international projects and ADRR Chetan D Gukhool went for the Education Changemakers program organised by the Young African Leaders Initiatives in South Africa (YALI) -The Young African Leaders Initiative which is not just a fellowship, or an online community, or a place to go for regional leadership training. YALI is all of these three.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is an international African leadership programme aiming to inspire and build young leaders in becoming the best version of themselves to contribute to the betterment of their country.

After four weeks of intensive classroom training focused on foundational leadership skills in the education sector, Director Chetan is now using the tools, knowledge and skills he has acquired over the past few weeks to implement innovative projects and to contribute to a better Africa. He states that this program has not only helped him in the professional aspect of his life but also on the personal side, highlighting that one is allowed to have different goals and pursue them all.

Aspiring as ever, Chetan Gukhool expresses an endless love for Rotaract Club Mahebourg and ‘Le Bouchon Community Project’ both of which he is one of the main co-founders together with several other club members. All throughout his journey in the Rotaract world, he served the community in many ways, majorly had the opportunity to be the Chief Editor of DRR Newsletter D9220 in 2017/2018 until for this year’s mandate. Chetan acts as the ADRR on the National Board, where he greatly values the teamwork with ADRR Adriana and DO Anju .

As in this Covid-19 period, he looks up on the positive side of everything and he supports the idea of staying at home and giving a helping hand to the needy ones in a different and safer way now. He never forgets to clearly share his thoughts and feelings on his WordPress and social media to encourage the right actions to his people. He actively bundles up innovative ideas to serve the clubs in Mauritius, always striving to transform people into LEADERS and not FOLLOWERS.

Chetan, our ADRR and Past President of the Rotaract Club of Mahebourg has had such a golden opportunity to participate in YALI. Passionate as he is, he has always been keen to learn new aspects of life and getting in YALI, was one of his best decisions he ever made. He was impressed by how youngsters were being supported and pushed to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. YALI has made him realise how capable he is in whatever he does for his surroundings. For Chetan, it was warm to the heart to meet such enthusiastic people at YALI. They have carved each other’s heart with inspiration, love and mutual respect.

As an education activist, his upcoming goal is to keep on learning and exploring other fields as he believes , being versatile will definitely be an efficient asset in the near future . He recently shared an article in 5 plus newspaper few days ago entitled “A cry for the abused” and stated: “I urge people who are in position to make a difference to protect our children and those being constantly abused. We need to try our best to collectively make sure that this atrocious crime doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Just like a domino, we hope that people will take Chetan as a living example and aspire to achieve most, if not all of their dreams; that they will perspire to make them come true and inspire others to do the same.

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