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18 Aug 2014
D9220 - 91911

The Learning Zone Project at Le Bouchon 

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." 
- Sydney J. Harris 

The main idea behind the LEARNING ZONE is to rekindle the interest of reading/drawing among the children residing in the region of Le Bouchon  through a series of fun activities, academic exercises, vocational and skills working, and awareness designed for the them and their parents to keep them away from dangers of the society such as drugs and alcohol

The very bright side of our learning zone project is the long-term continual investment and development to ensure a sustainable progress among the children at le Bouchon. We are extremely grateful to all our sponsors at the different stages of our project developmental phases.

Phase 1 - Engaging the kids of Le Bouchon

On the occasion of the Basic Education and Literacy month, The Rotaract Club of Mahebourg has organized a LEARNING ZONE at Le Bouchon.

Phase 2 - Building Alphasymphonia

The AlphaSymphonia is another phase which translates into 3 inter-connected categories
1. Learning Zone for the Kids
2. Music Academy for teenagers
3. Basic Adult Literacy

All centered to & for our Le Bouchon Community Program.