Words of President 2019-2020 – Mevin

President 2019-2020
Mevin Daby

Founded in August 2014, the Rotaract Club of Mahebourg has been a blessing in disguise I would say. Today, just the thought of my journey without the club, the experiences and the people I met, gives me cold chills.

We often say that some people are born gifted. But I believe that everyone is talented in their own way, provided we give them the adequate and right platform. For me, The Rotaract Club of Mahebourg is one example of a diverse and encouraging platform that aims to hone one’s skills.

Quite similarly, I am sure you might know the story of a kid or someone who is about to have his or her first performance on stage and at first is pretty tensed and doubtful. This is when that “cheerful audience” encourages the latter to give the best of himself and he finally does that and also enjoy his performance.

My club is that “cheerful audience”. I can feel the change within and the club made me a better version of myself.Children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and without proper grooming, we shall be doomed. The Rotary offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to learn and acquire leadership skills both at national and international level.

Likewise, the Rotaract club of Mahebourg has meticulously planned its calendar of activities for the mandate 2019/2020, through which new members will be trained and inculcate the skills to transform them into leaders.

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